Site Purpose

This site I've created for few reasons. First of all it's hard to find some old maps/patches to view some replays and the second reason - to train my xhtml/css skills.

This small website includes all you need to play dota: Maps, Patches, WVS, hotkeys, Custom Keys and Diabolic Warcraft 3 Tools.

All files are on my hosting, if they're not available you can download them from here.

Dota History

Before Warcraft 3 there was Starcraft. In Starcraft there was a type of custom map called Aeon of Strife (AOS) which had opposing teams trying to help their team win an ongoing battle in 1-3 lanes depending on the map.

When Warcraft 3 came out, these kinds of maps were also made here. Some people started using a design where one base would be in bottom left corner and the other would be in the top right corner and 3 lanes would connect the bases. This model was called Defence of the Ancients since it pitted the Ancients of the Night elf against the Scourge. What was special about the Warcraft 3 version was that instead of just units we now had heroes who could advance in levels, get new skills and even items.

Several versions were made of these (dota darkness falls and dota outland just to name a few) and one of the most successful was made by a guy who called himself Eul (along with other people like Syllable and so forth).

When the expansion, The Frozen Throne, came, a guy who called himself Guinsoo, appeared. He copied the game to the new expansion and copied all the most powerful heroes from all the old versions of dota into his new game - Dota Allstars. Needless to say it was horribly imbalanced and never worth competitive playing but it was fun none the less.

After some time, version 5.84b came out and Guinsoo disappeared. There was a long wait and in the meantime a russian guy cracked the map and released a 5.84c version to make up for the changed brought on by a Blizzard patch. Icefrog decided to take up where Guinsoo left off.
From that time the new editor of the map became IceFrog...

The leaders of the DotA Allstars clan, TDA, proposed that a dedicated web site be created to replace the various online alternatives that were infrequently updated or improperly maintained. TDA member Steve "Pendragon" Mescon created the former official community site,, on October 14, 2004.

IceFrog's main focus and goals in the past 5 or so years have been to dramatically redesign and rebalance the original game concept and expand on it in order to make it a more enjoyable and engaging game for both casual and competitive players. In the last 2 years, the mod has seen an explosive increase in new players as well as acceptance into many e-sports organizations, growing from a few tens of thousands of players many years ago to the many millions of players it has right now. It is still growing more and more with each passing day.

He picked up the dota developing and with him came a new era where balance and professionalism was in the high seat and he made dota what it has become today - a thriving game with loads of competitive matches, giant leagues and an utterly amazing user base.

Many people regard Icefrog as the father of dota because they see it as if he took a rough sketch and made it actually playable and balanced; he may not be the original developer but he is the best dev in dota history and I bet in the world.


Random tip

Fountian can be frozen by crystal maiden's frostbite